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7 Day Fitness Review ­- Can you get fit with just 7 minutes of workout a day? According to Wesley Virgin, you can and I’m 100% believe his words! In his spanking new 30-day system, the author will teach you how to achieve it! I bought the 7 Day Fitness package by Wesley Virgin about a week ago and I can tell you with confident that I’m satisfied.

The 7 Day Fitness program is more inclusive and instructive than any other online fitness programs that I have tried and the support service from Wesley Virgin is very useful.  I really like the blend between workout sequences and diet plan that Wesley Virgin offer  inside the 7 Day Fitness program and also found the bonus guide named “How To Secretly Accelerate Weight loss on Autopilot” very valuable. So is the 7 Day Fitness Program a good choice and is it worth to spend time and money on it? To help you to decide whether it is something to take into consideration or not, below is the 7 Day Fitness Review.


7 day fitness’s author – Who Is Wesley Virgin?

To begin the 7 Day Fitness Review, let’s talk about the author first. Fitness courses are extremely notorious.  While instructors always tell you to “suck it up,” and continue to train even though you are exhausted, the 7 Day Fitness Program clams that all you need is a 7 Minute a day Fitness Program.7 day fitness program authorThe 7 Day Fitness Program is written by Wesley Virgin. Wesley Virgin may not be a famous name like many of the other fitness trainers that you always see on the covers of other programs, but he is not a fake character made up for the package. Wesley is a real person, coach and motivational expert who have previously helped many people all over the world to lose weight, redeem their health and change their lives forever. His passion for working out began when he was teenager.

He was very thin and hated his own appearance. The sorrow of being harassed and not having any self-confidence urge him to make change in consistent and long term. So he thrown himself into exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, push up weights and even enlisted in the army. The only reason he changed because his reason was strong! He never wanted to look the way he was so he intuitively takes on a new way of thinking which changed his physical condition. He has since achieved and sustained an ideal weight, great health and show no sign that illnesses like diabetes will disturb his like they have done to so many in his family.

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What Is 7 Day Fitness?

7 Day Fitness is a simple yet all-inclusive fitness course that works as a great entrance point for beginners; whether your aim is to lose weight or to come to be more ripped and fit. It bring together small routines of short 7-minutes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout sets with very distinctive Japanese detox methods to make a unique workout program that is effective but not time-consuming. The 7 Day Fitness program starts you off with a Quick Start Guide, in which the author helps you to measure your present fitness level – which would decide your pathway through the program. That is, if you are a complete rookie, you have to go through a 7-day body preparing program first. If not, you can continue to the “advanced” training program.wesley-virgin-7-day-fitnessAfter the Quick Start Guide, you will undergo some “mental conditioning” workouts that would help you envision your goals and keep you inspired until you achieved those goals. Wesley also shares some tips to get yourself motivated and ready to go in seconds. Once you are done with the “mental” phase of the program, Wesley presents the Japanese detox methods he previously recommended with a course on healthy foods. These “dieting” constituents are sustained by a rising database of healthy recipes called the “Kitchen.”

The “workout” phase, in contrast, contains a 30-day program that you have to undergo in an exact order, with each day involving particular workout routines and guidelines. There is also a Workout Box (workout video database) incorporated to sustain the “workout” phase. Beyond these main components, 7 Day Fitness also offers tools that help manage your progress as well as make certain tasks easier, for example: “Caloric Calculator”, “Meal Tracker”, “Fat Loss Timeline”, and many more

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What’s do you get for your money?

The 7 Day Fitness Program includes a 30-day “boot camp” fitness course presented in video format. It also offers an extensive choice of meal plans to a range of dietary favorites and health objectives.


The 7 Day Fitness Program has a one-time fee for lifespan membership to the program in just $47, which comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. When buying the package, this is what you will get:

  • The 7 Day Fitness Program Week Complete System
  •  7 Bonuses (worth over $297)
  • Plus hours and hours more…

7 Day Fitness Plan Basics

Virgin summaries his keys to success, which he regard as crucial for achieving your fitness goals, which is the 3 P’s:

      • Patience: Take pleasure in the process as you lose weight, tone and build your muscles. It may take time to achieve your goal but it is pleasurable.
      • Persistence: Give your best every day. Emphasis on the causes why becoming healthy and fit is essential to you.
      • Perseverance: Don’t let anything block your way. There will be challenges and interferences but you need to be resistant to outside distraction.

Hundreds of Meal Plans to Choose from

The 7 Day Fitness Fat Loss Program offers meal plans to fit a wide range of favorites and requirements. Each one sets out accurately what you need to eat. But there is lots of flexibility for you to modify the meals to suit your tastes. There is also the alternative to get a custom diet plan generated by a nutritionist. You can pick from a wide range of meal plans such as:

      • Trim Tummy
      • Beach Body
      •  Immune Boosting
      • Anti-Aging
      • Detox
      •  …

Healthy & Simple Recipes

The author includes some of his favored recipes that are simple and easy to cook but also delightful and original. Recipes can also be added by 7 Day Fitness community members. Some of the recipes you can enjoy are:

      • Very Berry Smoothie
      • Banana Raisin Muffins
      • Thai Noodle Salad
      • Spicy Beef Wraps
      • Apricot-Glazed Salmon

Exercise in Boot Camp Style

The 7 Day Fitness Program has a part named “Boot Camp” with novice and advanced programs. The 1st 30-days boot camp that you begin with will help you to lose at least 10lbs if done appropriately. You will work out for around 20 minutes each day with a video demonstration. You can also create your own weekly exercises to make a custom-made fitness program. You simply select different areas of your body you want to work on and make a schedule.wesley-virgin-7-day-fitness-reviews-inside-review-dvd

7 day fitness program’s Pros

      • Great comprehensive fitness program for novices, aimed to provide the maximum result while reducing workout session duration.
      • Remarkable focus on the first 7 days, which is the most important factor to success for anyone.
      • The author is a “living proof” for the efficiency of the program.
      • Short workout times.
      • Covers workout, diet, and motivation – which are very important to weight loss and fitness.
      • Filled with masses of value content, website features, and fitness tools.
      •  Quick and well-mannered customer support (reply to questions within 24 hours).

7 day fitness program’s Cons

      • The “7-minute workouts” can cause some confusion. The course comprises 7-minute workout “routines”; but each workout “session” can have several “routines”.
      • The design of the member’s control panel is not visually pleasing.
      • The workout and diet sections are not very united.
      • Too many features may make some people confused on how to accurately proceed or go through the program.

Does It Work?

The 7 Day Fitness Program’s video/book blend makes it far more treasured to most people than the old-fashioned written style of demonstrating bodybuilding tips and advice that other guides use.  Everything that Wesley Virgin offerings is set out in a very straight forward, easy to understand way, and the videos make it much easier to grasp and remember the info.

It takes about 30 days to see results, so if you are not ready to give it your all for a period of time, the 7 Day Fitness Program is not for you. It is stated very clear that the program takes efforts, and if you’re one of these people who simply can’t completely commit 2 days/week to attaining your physical prospective, do not invest in this program.



To sum up, until now I’m still really fascinated with this program, and I think that with the right method it’s probable for most of the people to get real results in just a few weeks. At least, with the 100% money-back guarantee that Wesley Virgin offers I don’t think that there is anything to lose. I hope that this 7 Day Fitness Review have helped you in deciding whether you should purchase the package or not.

In the end, the most important thing is the result; and the 7 Day Fitness Program can help a lot if handled by the right person. The right persons are the novices, the unenthusiastic, the lazy, as well as those who can’t seem to go on with 1 fitness program for long. If you are one of the above-mentioned types, you will be best assisted by the 7 Day Fitness 7 day fitness

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