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It is said that when it comes to beauty, no effort is too big. The truth is that not all people can deal with all types of beauty routines, regardless of their benefits and long-term effects. Epilation has been long discussed by men, women, doctors and beauty experts and they have all reached the same conclusion: it is a necessary habit that boosts one’s confidence and makes them feel good about themselves.

Although there are plenty of methods available, wax and epilators are popular for their efficiency. So what do you prefer?

These two methods come with their advantages and disadvantages, but they are still preferred by men and women across the globe.

What are the advantages of using an epilator?

Epilators are similar to electric shavers but instead of shaving they remove the hair by pulling it from the root. The first epilator was invented in the 80s but it is nothing like today’s epilators. Although the main purpose of these devices is to remove the hair from its root, just like waxing does, they come with a few extra advantages:

  • They can be used almost anywhere, including on a vacation

  • They do not require heating or other preparation process

  • Some models can be used in the shower

  • It is easy to use and you do not require the help of another person to epilate

  • Tiny hairs can be removed, too

What are the advantages of using wax?

Wax has been used for centuries for hair removal purposes. This technique can be performed with both cold and hot wax. It can be done by the person itself, but better results are obtained when a different person does the waxing. More than that, there are body areas that one can’t reach. Although this technique is difficult to perform when in vacation, there are some advantages that come with it:

  • It is considered to be healthier than using epilators

  • Wax also removes dead skin and impurities

  • People who prefer waxing have smoother skin

  • It is a less painful process comparing to using an epilator

  • Waxing is less time consuming

These two techniques also come with disadvantages. For example, waxing cannot be performed under water, on a vacation or in a hotel room, unless you book a waxing session at a salon nearby. Also, it cannot be done when hairs are really short. More importantly, it is more expensive on a long term.

On the other hand, using an epilator is time consuming, a bit more painful than waxing and can cause severe irritations on sensitive skin.

If you have been shaving for a long time and you want to make a change, think about these pros and cons and make sure to try each technique on a small area to see if it is the right choice for you. Also, if you are going to buy epilators or wax heating devices, look for each product’s specifications. Invest in each product’s abilities and advantages, not in the brand itself. Either way, investing in your beauty and comfort is worth the effort.

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