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Stepper exercise machines are a new breed of cheap, portable, and highly versatile exercise equipment. Unfortunately, because of the vast designs and styles that are available in the market, many people have a problem finding the best. This article highlights top 25 stepper machines to ease the process.

25. Air Stair Climber Stepper


Designed to strengthen muscles and offer a full range of cardio workouts to individuals looking to improve cardiovascular health; Air Stair Climber is a high-strength stepper with a stable low-impact design that benefits individuals of all ages. It is affordable, perfect for use in space-confined areas, and has a versatile and easy to use design that you can use to tone and shape your body without paying for hefty gym subscriptions. It is also durable, has a well put together steel construction that supports up to 220 pounds, and comes with a sensitive digital training computer that monitors and records the time spent, number of step take, and the number of calories that you break down per workout session. This way, if you have a stringent workout routine, you can easily monitor progress.

24. Best Choice Products Fitness Air Stepper


An acclaimed product among beginners and professionals alike, Best Choice Products Fitness Air Stepper is a versatile accessory that doubles as a twister and climber. It is quiet, has adjustable resistance bands that you can use to optimize its performance, and has a comfortable and fun to use design that ranks among the most recommended for doing fulfilling lower body workouts and toning and strengthening muscles in home and office environments. Assembled, this air stepper measures 18″(L) x 16.5″(W) x 8.5″(H), supports up to 250 pounds, and has a small LCD screen that displays step count, time, calorie, and reps per minute metrics accurately.

23. Best Choice Products Twister Stepper


Featuring a stable frame, a padded handlebar, and a smooth rolling twisting engine that guarantees excellent lower body and cardiovascular workouts, this twister stepper by Best Choice Products is a gym-grade accessory, with an innovative mini design that works well in small spaces. It is easy to use, made of a durable tubular steel that supports over 250 pounds, and has a low impact twisting design that works many muscle groups without stressing bones/ joints. The patterned footplate buyers get is wide and slip proof, while its stable handlebar has a small LCD display for tracking many workout statistics.

22. Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper


Perfect for targeting the buttocks, thighs, calves, and hips, this mini stepper by Gold’s Gym is a low impact workout accessory with a compact and easy to use design that does not use up a lot of space. The well-balanced frame buyers get supports up to 250 pounds, while its built-in electronic monitor tracks the number of calories burned, steps taken, and the amount of time that you spend on the machine per workout session. Both pedals are large, patterned, and generate a smooth rolling action that is gentle on bones and joints. Its rubberized feet on the other hand not only boost stability, but also protect floors.

21. Air Stepper


The Air Stepper is a compact and non-impact exercising machine that can help you burn excess calories and tone your core a leg muscles easily and healthily. Taking our nine spot, this exercise machine consists of a strong and sturdy frame made of double plastic. Its advanced air-powered system is not only superior to the pistons and springs common in traditional exercising machines, but also eliminated pounding and cushions the body well when exercising. This way, you can train your shoulders, legs, oblique, and even abdominal muscles for a long time without injuring yourself or feeling a lot of pain.

20. Exercise Stepper (Steel)

Exercise Stepper (Steel)

The exercise stepper is a small (14.25 inches long, 14 inches wide and 14.75 inches high) exercising machine that is suitable for home use. This exercise equipment by MABIS DMI Healthcare is a regular is many top 25 stepper exercise machine reviews that are available on the Internet for the following reasons: first, its small and sturdy structure made of strong heavy-duty steel can support colossal weight during usage. Whether you want to tone your waist, thighs, or hip muscles, you can get positive and faster results using this this one-of-a-kind stepper. Its footrests on the other hand are made of a high-impact composite plastic, and have dual hydraulic cylinders that offer the resistant needed when working out. Finally, if you like to track progress while working out and then revise your training routines for the better, the exercise stepper has an inbuilt digital computer that records the number of steps and elapsed time.

19. Sunny Health & Fitness Climbing Stepper


Are you looking for a low-impact air stepper that you can use to prepare for adrenaline sports such as mountain or rock climbing? The climbing stepper by Sunny & fitness climbing stepper is an excellent workout equipment that will help you tone your gluteal muscles, thighs, and even calves. If used well, the adjustable resistance cylinders on this exercise equipment provide a smooth workout experience. You will be able to exercise for a long time, burn excess calories, and even improve your cardiovascular health over time. Finally, this climbing stepper by Sunny & Health is easy to store (folds easily) and can measure and display the number of steps, calories burned, and time.

18. Mini Stepper


The Mini Stepper is a high-intensity cardio workout and strength training exercise equipment suitable for home use. Though small, the mini stepper is strong and durable. Compared to bigger more expensive air steppers, the mini stepper is highly flexible. You can exercise your lower body (legs, thighs, and hips) using its slip proof pedals, while at the same strengthening your arms and core using the set of resistance bands secured firmly on its sides. It also has knobs that you can use to control workout intensity and an in-built computer system that tracks the number or steps and time taken on the machine per session.

17. Twist and Shape Stepper


Here are reasons why the Twist and Shape Stepper has earned top spot on our list of the best stepper exercise machines in 2016: first, this lateral thigh trainer is strong and can support up to 250 pounds. Its hydraulic system, unique left to right pivoting motion, and detachable resistance arm bands enable people to do intense cardio workouts, and tone muscles that are ordinarily hard to reach. For instance, you will be able to tone your abdominal muscles and oblique area without slipping or injuring yourself. The Twist and Shape stepper also has an on-board LCD console that displays the number of repetitions, workout time, and calories burned and a one-year warranty.

16. Stamina InStride Pro Electronic Stepper


The Stamina InStride Pro electric stepper is a compact cardiovascular step machine that is suitable for office and home use. It has textured and slip-proof pedals that are wide, stable, and engineered to provide smooth and shock-free resistance, while in use. At the bottom, this exercise machine has soft skid-resistance rubber that improves its safety rating. The rubber pads will also protect your delicate floor when using this exercise machine.

15. Avari Free Stride Stepper


Perfect for use in small rooms in homes and in offices, this free stride stepper by Avari is a versatile workout accessory with a compact and portable design that benefits individuals who travel often. For optimal safety, the pedals integrated into it are large and slip-resistant. The adjustable dual shock system offered offers an adjustable resistance for a fulfilling workout experience, while its handlebars are not only steady, but also have soft padding that optimize comfort. All parts are sturdy, commercial-grade, and work smoothly without creaking and or generating funny noises. It is also perfect for exercising many areas of the body (thighs, hips, buttocks, calves, and lower abdominals) at the same time and has a large multi-functional screen that monitors stride count and stride count per minute.

14. Sunny Fitness Pink Adjustable Twist Stepper


The Sunny Health & Fitness adjustable twist stepper takes our number three spot. This exercise machine is made of a sturdy steel material and best for people who want to do intense workouts without stressing their joints or bones. For those who want to tone their thigh and butt muscles, the twist motion exhibited by this exercise machine is helpful. The over-sized and slip-resistant footplates on this equipment enhance its safety, while the on-board meter function records the number of strides, calories burnt, and even the time spent on the machine.

13. Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper


Compact and strong, the Twister Stepper by Health and Fitness is among the most versatile exercise equipment attainable in the market. It accommodates an array of cardiovascular and strength training exercises. It is also portable and has two resistance bands on its side for stability and doing various arm exercises. To enhance safety, Sunny and Health has included oversized foot plates lined with a non-slip rubber material.

12. Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper

The Commercial portable stepper is made of cast aluminium material that is light, durable, and light. It has earned the number one of top spot on this top 25 stepper exercise machine reviews because of its adjustable resistance, patented hydraulic cylinder system, that works fluidly and quietly when exercising. You also get a one-year institutional warranty and a five year consumer warranty with this brand of exercise equipment.

11. BEACHBORN New Aqua Blue

For exercise enthusiasts looking to have a positive and fulfilling workout at the comfort of their homes, BEACHBORN New Aqua Blue is a large (42-inch) and commercial-grade stepper machine that is ideal for home and commercial use. It is durable, has an adjustable design that offers value, and a large non-stick platform that supports up to 350 pounds. It is also super stable, has four platform raisers for doing custom workouts, and has a portable and easy to store design that does not cluster workout spaces.

10. Sunny Health & Fitness Dual-Action Swivel Stepper

A trusted product by both novice and professional workout enthusiasts, this dual-action swivel stepper by Sunny Health & Fitness is an aesthetic classic-black workout machine made of heavy-duty steel. It is sturdy, super durable, and has large non-slip food pedals that offer perfect motion control. Whilst in use, this dual stepper swivels smoothly to target the obliques, glutes, legs, hips, and lower back. Its dual fixed hydraulic cylinders offer sufficient resistance for a fulfilling workout. It also has a built in LCD screen for monitoring workout metrics such steps per minute, calories, and time spent, and an impressive weight capacity of 220 pounds.

9. Avari Programmable Stepper

As its name suggests, Avari by Stamina Products, Inc. is an advanced programmable stepper machine with a well-designed motion control system that works smoothly. It has handrails for better support and safety. It also has a handlebar-mounted heart rate sensor, an InTouch monitor with over 24 built-in workout programs, and non-marring transport wheels that ease set-up. You also get padded grips and self-leveling fish pedals that support invigorating strength training and cardiovascular workouts.

8. Sunny Health & Fitness Twisting Stair Stepper with Band

Sunny Health & Fitness Twisting Stair Stepper is an aesthetic silver-themed workout accessory that generates a unique twist up action for toning thighs and buttocks. It also supports lateral side-by-side motions, moves up and down, and has an adjustable resistance system for customizing workouts. The heavy-duty steel used to manufacture this stair stepper is durable. Its stability is innovative; its oversize slip-resistant pedals not only ease usage by also safety.

7. Clevr Twister Stepper


Recommended for doing low impact cardiovascular workout in homes and commercial gyms, Clevr Twister Stepper is a stable stair step machine with a durable tubular steel frame that can support up to 250 pounds at full capacity. Even though smaller than some comparable models, this one of a kind stepper is not only versatile, but also has durable exercise bands that offer adjustable and controllable tension control to benefit people of all cadres. If you are a beginner, for instance, you can set it at a slightly lower tension at first and boost resistant gradually as your muscles grow stronger. Clevr Twister Stepper is cheap and has an on-board LCD monitor that helps individuals track workout statistics such as speed and number of steps taken.

6. Wagan EL2273 Mini Stepper Master


To live an active and healthy lifestyle at home without spending thousands of dollars, Wagan EL2273 is an affordable and high performance mini stepper that offers value. It is affordable, very easy to setup and use, and has a compact 1×1.5 foot design that works well in space-confined rooms. It has a large digital computer that tracks and displays cumulative calories burned, step count, and workout time after exercising and a durable steel frame.

5. Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper


Stamina SpaceMate is an independently designed and tested stepper with a space efficient folding design that is easy to setup and use. It has durable hydraulic cylinders, two adjustable resistance systems for a custom and fulfilling workout, and a multi-functional built-in monitor that displays several workout metrics including steps and calories burned per minute. You also get foam-covered handlebars and large and textured pedals that roll smooth.

4. Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar


Trusted in top 25 stepper exercise machines reviews 2016, Sunny Twister Stepper is a durable and functional stepper exercise machine with a built-in handlebar for better support. It is easy to use, generates a smooth twist action that does not aggravate the joints, and has a multi-functional LCD computer that monitors and displays detailed exercise metrics. You also get an adjustable stepping height and a heavy-duty steel construction that lasts long.

3. Tone Fitness Aerobic Stepper


Designed for use by novice and experienced workout enthusiasts, Tone Fitness is a secure and super-stable aerobic stepper with a large and non-slip surface that eases usage. It is durable, has an adjustable dual-height system (four and six inches), and has well-built alternating lunges for strengthening the back and chest. You get detailed workout instructions and a chart with each purchase.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper


Fitted with high performance resistance bands, Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper is a well-built low-impact workout station that is perfect for doing several types of aerobic workouts. It is durable, has an advanced LCD computer function that tracks time and calorie count, and a sturdy construction using high-grade steel. This stepper has a weight capacity of approximately 220 pounds.

1. Gazelle Edge


For people shopping for authentic stepper machines, Gazelle Edge is a newly improved exercise glider, perfect for doing both slow walking and running exercises. It is manual, lasts long, and comes with stable and extra wide feet with rubberized non slip platforms that minimize the risk of injuries when working out. It also has a stable steel construction (1.5-inches rolled) that supports up to 250 pounds, foam-padded handlebars that do not mar nor callous hands, and a five-function workout computer that tracks time, distance, and speed.

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