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One question curious omnivores ask their vegan and vegetarian compatriots is, “how on earth do you get full eating only vegetables?” If you are unfamiliar with veggie nutritional info it might seem like a challenge to make a meal out of veggies. But a bowl of beets or brussels sprouts can be surprisingly filling, especially with a dressing. Conversely, those looking to lose weight have as many options as there are colors in the rainbow for low-cal snacks.

No matter what your nutritional needs, vegetables should be a staple of your diet. We went ahead and listed the top 25 healthiest vegetables by calorie count to help you figure out what to eat. We used the USDA data for 100g of each vegetable. So go to the produce section and pick out something nice!

Vegetables From Least Calories to Most

  1. Lettuce: 15 calories
  2. Celery: 16 calories
  3. Yellow Squash:16 calories
  4. Radishes: 16 calories
  5. Zucchini: 17 calories
  6. Swiss Chard: 19 calories
  7. Asparagus: 20 calories
  8. Bell Pepper: 20 calories
  9. Spinach: 23 calories
  10. Arugula: 25 calories
  11. Cauliflower: 25 calories
  12. Cabbage: 25 calories
  13. Pumpkin: 26 calories
  14. Kohlrabi: 27 calories
  15. Green Beans: 31 calories
  16. Fennel: 31 calories
  17. Collard Greens: 32 calories
  18. Okra: 33 calories
  19. Broccoli: 34 calories
  20. Onion: 40 calories
  21. Carrot: 41 calories
  22. Beets: 43 calories
  23. Brussels Sprouts: 43 calories
  24. Artichoke: 47 calories
  25. Kale: 49 calories


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