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Pure Fitness Inversion Therapy Table Review

The Pure Fitness Inversion Therapy Table is an inexpensive, but functional inversion table that can be folded up to safe space. It is highly effective for people who weigh under 190-200 pounds, and provides relief for chronic lower back pain. While it is possible to do some fitness exercises using this table, it may not be ideal as it does not give most people the feeling of safety they want when performing exercises hanging upside down..

Comfortfitness inversion therapy table review

The backrest provides stability and comfort (high density foam padding), however users find the ankle straps to be really uncomfortable and painful. Some recommends to always wear shoes to lower the pressure on you forefoot.

Workout Programs

This inversion table is designed for those with back pain to stretch out their back and therefore no workout programs are necessary.

Inversion Inclines

The Pure Inversion Therapy Table has a 3 position bench


The warranty on this inversion table is average with a year limited warranty on the frame and 90 days on all other parts.


65” X 25.8” X 70”

Max. User weight is 220 lbs, but best suited for people under 200 pounds

Pure Fitness Inversion Therapy Table Review by Usersfitness inversion therapy table review

Reviews for the Pure Fitness Inversion Table run between high average and good. Most users find that this inversion table meets most of their needs if not all. They find this table easy to assemble, Surprising sturdy, and state that the back rest is comfortable. Most people claim that the table does what it is designed to do, which is helping them find relief for back and hip pain. They also feel that it sells for a good price.


Users aren’t completely sold on this inversion table, and they do have several complaints about this table. Several users received the table with missing parts, Other users felt that the table back was a little on the short side, making their head hang over or nearly hang over the end of the table and most users stated that the ankle straps were quite painful and actually stretched their ankles out as much as their backs.


If you are looking for a low cost inversion table to relieve back pain and weight less than 200 pounds then the Pure fitness Inversion Therapy table may be a good choice for you. However, because this table is relatively low priced and designed to hold weightier individuals, it may be difficult to do exercises such as inverted sit-ups using this table as it lacks the stability of higher quality conversion tables.

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