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The Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table is latest version of the 400 model. IronMan Inversion Tables manufactures different types of inversion products to help its consumers relieve back and muscle pain. The company offers innovative tables at affordable prices. Its inversion units are specially designed to provide gentle and natural heat to help you relax and enjoy your exercise sessions. Its product range includes various inversion tables. iControl 600 Inversion Table is equipped with advanced features to enable users to try out various inversion angles.

Key Features:Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table Review


The IronMan iControl 600 Inversion Table has a strong and durable steel frame. Its scratch resistant surface has a special powder-covered finish that also protects it from weather damage. IronMan has used the “OpenSpace” design for this inversion table. Due to this design, iControl 600 doesn’t have a front support rod found on traditional inversion tables.


This inversion table consists of a heavy duty steel frame that measures 1.5 x 2.5 inches. Its oval shape and strong construction prevents unsteadiness when inverting.

Weight Capacity:

The training unit can support up to 300 pounds. It is the perfect choice for people between 4 ft 10 inches and 6 ft 6 inches.


The inversion table’s backrest is made of 2.75 inches thick soft foam. It utilizes the IronMan’s special technology known as Air Tech. This backrest evenly and firmly supports your back and head while allowing proper airflow in the inverted position.

Safety Handles:Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table Review

This training machine has extra long and durable safety handles that enable you to return to standing position quickly and easily.

Brake System:

The IronMan iControl 600 Inversion Table has a revolutionary disk brake mechanism. This system has replaced the conventional tether strap arrangement to give you better control of your inversion angle. With this new system, you can lock your backrest at almost any angle. This allows you to relax and enjoy your workout session without worrying about maintaining your balance while inverting.

Ease of Use:

The inversion table is simple and easy to use. It doesn’t need you to adjust tether strap every now and again to change your angle of inversion.

Stretching Bar:

This bar is exclusively included for people who are eager to fully stretch and strengthen their back muscles.

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Pros and Cons of Ironman iControl 600 Weight Extended Disk Brake System Inversion Table with Air Tech Backrest


  • Strong powder covered steel frameIronman iControl 600 Inversion Table Review
  • Quiet and efficient disc brake mechanism
  • The new brake system has eliminated conventional safety straps
  • Comfortable backrest that used the Air Tech foam
  • Long and durable safety handles
  • Foldable design for better and convenient storage
  • Pre-assembled unit that requires little work
  • The inversion table can be locked at a full 180-degree level
  • Oval frame prevents unsteadiness when inverting


Some people are of the opinion that it takes some practice to get used to the advanced disc brake system.

Overall Review and Verdict

The IronMan iControl 600 Inversion Table is a pre-assembled training unit with convenient brake system.  Moreover, it has UL certification for endurance and safety. Choose your desired inversion angle with this efficient machine!

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iControl 600 Video

Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table Review

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