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Hi, my name is Janice Yap, creator of
7 Health Myths Demolished.
Before I begin, let me share a little bit
about myself. I graduated from the
National University of Singapore with
1st Class Honours in Chemical and
Biomolecular engineering. In my early
days in the work force, I joined one of the big corporate
multinational. Fast forward to today, I am today a Nutritional
Immunology health consultant, and a mother of 1 lovely son

My first encounter with Nutritional Immunology was when I was
preparing for pregnancy. As carrying and growing a baby is very
demanding on a mother’s body, nutrition is critical before and during
the pregnancy. During then, my hubby urged me to take
supplements. Trained as a chemical engineer, I inherently was not
keen on such supplements. So, when my hubby passes it to me, I
take. Otherwise, I don’t. This continued till we met a friend at a
seminar, who introduced this freeze dried wholesome food to us. At
that point in time, I was just taking it to prepare for pregnancy.

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