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THE 3 WEEK DIETTried various unique techniques but still unable to gain a well shaped body? Then make sure to consider the 3 week diet program that has helped millions of people in losing their weight in an effective way. This is a scientifically proven weight loss program that guarantees or claims to help a person in losing about 12 to 23 pounds of the total body weight in just 21 days. The developer of this unique program is Brian Flatt who is a renowned sports nutritionist, personal trainer and head coach. He has long years of experience in his professional field. Below have been discussed some of the vital facts of this weight loss program.


Feature of this unique program

The 3 week diet program has been divided into four important phases. The ultimate goal of this program is to enable the body store the fat and thereby use it to gain energy in the future. After some days when the body reaches the starvation level, it starts burning the excess fat to prevent the damage of the vital organs of the body such as liver, heart, etc. Below have been discussed the three unique phases of this weight loss program.


  1. Removal of toxic substances from body by the process of detoxification

This is one of the vital phases of the unique program for the people who want to get rid of excess fat from the body within a short period of time. The ultimate objective of this phase is to cleanse or remove the toxic materials from the human body with the help of detoxification process. This phase mainly targets the liver which is one of the main organs that helps in driving out of excess fat from the body. This unique phase recommends the users to increase the intake of Vitamin A, C and D in the daily diet. This will ultimately help in detoxifying the liver and thereby increase the sensitivity of the body to insulin. It will also help in improving the adrenal function of the body to enable burning of fat.

  1. 24 hours without food

This is also one of the vital phases of this program in which the user has to go for 24 hours of fasting. The fasting will start after the finish of the dinner on the seventh day till the last meal of the eight day. Fasting is one of the popular techniques to get rid of excess fat from the body in an effective way. Fasting also helps in the process of detoxification of the liver and various other major organs of the body. It enables to deal with the process of fat burning in an effective way.


  1. Fast removal of fat

In this phase the weight loss program will make the user aware about the scientifically proven safe process that will help in removal of excess fat from the body in an effective manner. This phase starts from the 9th day and ends in the 11th day. Besides analysing the condition of the liver, this phase also enables the body to burn fat from some of the major parts like hips and belly area. During the ongoing process of this phase the body will crave for certain quantity of fat for proper functioning of the body. Once the body starts signalling the liver to increase the intake of fat, the user must consume some amount of food rich in fat in order to provide required energy to the muscles.


  1. Check the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

This is the last vital phase that starts from the 12th and end towards the 21st day. In this phase the users are asked to intake food rich in calorie according to the body requirement.

These are the vital phases that will enable a user to shred away excess fat and thereby gain a well built body. The process recommended in the 3 week diet program must be followed precisely in order to get best results.


  • � This is a unique weight loss program that will enable the users to lose 12 to 23 pounds in just 21 days.
  • � The program has been designed in an organised manner and is also a scientifically proven method to burn excess fat from the body.
  • � The developer of this program has tested the various phases upon himself before offering to valuable users.
  • � Compared to various other programs available in the market, this unique weight loss program helps a user to lose weight within a short period of time. If the user follows all the instructions recommended by the program in a precise manner, then he or she is sure to lose excess weight efficiently.
  • � The developer of this program offers 60 days money back guarantee on this unique 3 week diet program. This will surely help in building confidence among the users to try it once and thereby experience the amazing effect.
  • � Since it’s a scientifically proven program, users will not experience any type of side effects after undergoing the total process of fat reduction.
  • � The program has been presented in a simple manner in order to make the users make aware about various phases in the best possible way.
  • � Through this program, the developer has tried his utmost level to motivate the people in following the dieting process and shred down excess fat in a safe way. Users are also able to become aware about various techniques of exercises that will enable them to los excess weight.
  • � The program can be downloaded from the web without any difficulty.
  • � It is a home based program that will enable the users to achieve well built body from the comfort of their home.



  • � There are no hard copies available for this program; it can only be downloaded from the web in digital form.


Overall this program has been uniquely built to enable users gain well shaped body. Since the program offers 60 days money back guarantee, people will surely urge to try it once. The various phases of 3 week diet program are easy to understand and help the users to burn excess fat from the body in a positive way. Try this weight loss program and feel the difference.

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